From this page you can dowload the famous game: Sokoban

Sokoban means in Japanese "warehouse keeper". Now you are the keeper and you must save boxes at marked places. But, nothing is simple, those boxes are so heavy that you can only push one at a time, you cannot even pull them. Besides the corridors of the warehouse can sometimes be very congested. Good luck anyway!!!

This version of Sokoban: Boxes V2.45 is FREE and can be installed on Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003/Vista

FEATURES 27 level sets: 1 by Thinking Rabbit Inc. Japan, 1 by Joseph L. Traub, 9 by David Skinner, 2 by Jacques Duthen, 5 by David Holland, 3 by Evgeny Grigoriev and 6 by Aymeric du Peloux,
easy mouse handling,
very easy import of level sets downloaded from the web,
undo and redo of all your moves (you can scan back and forth your moves),
save and restore of games (you can scan back and forth the moves of a previous game),
automatic save at exit with automatic restore (your previous moves are saved),
automatic save of completed levels (the save files can afterwards be exchanged as level correction files),
easy moving from a level to another (all the interrupted levels are automatically saved and restored without your knowing),
view of your performances in time (minutes and seconds) and in numbers of moves and pushes,
supports large size levels,
on line help,
Copyright of level sets: Thinking Rabbit Inc. Japan, Joseph L. Traub, David Skinner, Jacques Duthen, David Holland, Evgeny Grigoriev and Aymeric du Peloux (the level displayed on top of this page is the level 45 from the set: Microban copyright David Skinner)

View of the game
Delivery details (readme file)
 Download the game (install_boxes_us.exe : self-extracting English V2.45 version, 1 643 445 bytes)
 (in case of problem starting the download: if by clicking on "Download" with the left button of your mouse,
 you don't manage to start the download, try with the right button, a context menu will pop up and you will
 then be able to choose "Save target as ..." or "Save link as ...")

 To download the French version of the game, go to the page in French
email: sokogm() (Gilles Mérour)
(to use my email, please replace "()" by the appropriate character)

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View of the game:

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